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7 Foot Fogging Grim Reaper™

7 Foot Fogging Grim Reaper™

Item # 59525
UPC # 6-69703-59525-3
Batteries: 4AA
Product Size: 85in Tall

The Colossal Fogging Grim Reaper Of The Underworld Is Here... To Collect Your SOUL! Pending Patent Applications

  • Eerie Lights & Sounds With Moving Waist & Head
  • Add Fogging Breath When You Hook Him To Your Fog Machine*
  • *Requires Fog Machine For Use (Fog Machine Sold Separately)
  • Connects To Most 400 Watt & 1000 Watt Fog Machines
  • Sound - PIR Human Sensor & Footpad Activated (Footpad Sold Separately)
  • External Speaker Compatibility To Maximize The Terror! (External Speaker Sold Separately)

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